The 'Ultimate Model Range' of Spitfire Trailers introduce a new era of customer satisfaction. We all need to evolve with customer and product expectations and the Spitfire Ultimate Models will allow you to build your trailer to suit your needs.
Be you the professional crabber with a plate boat,  or the owner of a high end fibreglass hull... live in an area of extreme tide range, have shallow or steep ramps, the Spitfire Ultimate Range are designed in Modular form to accommodate your individual needs.
Every trailer in the Ultimate model range is manufactured from the ultimate  quality material and, with half a century of boating experience and decades of manufacturing experience, is offered at a price that will compete with galvanised steel trailers.
Every Spitfire Trailer is designed and manufactured to the regulatory requirements of the country of sale.
You can be confident that from the certified and stamped safety chain to the tail lights, you have the ultimate in quality and build.
All marine trailers in the Spitfire Ultimate range are manufactured from Grade 6061 aluminium which is hardened to T6 after bending. This locks the crystalline structure into the metallurgical end result offering the Ultimate in strength. 
After hardening the aluminium is then anodised to give the Ultimate protection both inside tubes, drilled holes and over any welds.
All non aluminium metal brackets, nuts, bolts and washers are in stainless steel of 316 marine grade to provide the Ultimate protection against the salt water environment.
Providing the Ultimate trailer requires the Ultimate accessories...  every Spitfire Ultimate Model is equipped with a 3 Stage Winch in 316 marine Grade Stainless Steel.
Rough roads, speed bumps all add additional stress to the adjustment of your keel rollers.  The Spitfire Ultimate range includes 'True Lock' keel roller brackets which are certain never to slip under in the roughest of conditions.
All non-aluminium fittings and brackets in 316 marine grade stainless steel as standard.
Long gone are rusting leafe springs and mechanical cable brakes... the Ultimate range comes with Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Torsion axle  for the Ultimate in braking and ride.
Stopping your trailer suddenly is of no benefit unless your boat is secularly anchored to the trailer.... and every different model boat has a different bow shape. The Ultimate range include an adjustable draw bar anchor bracket to prevent forward inertia in emergency braking.
Bunks are an important part of the modern trailer.
Both the material choice and design can be rewarding or costly.
Wooden Bunks deteriorate over time and Carpet Bunks cause osmoses in fibreglass boats due to their inability to remain dry, especially in wet climates. 
The bunks in the Spitfire Ultimate range have been specifically designed for both plate and fibreglass hulls... and in particular for fibreglass hulls as  they have drain slots to avoid excessive and continuous moisture which is the cause of osmoses.
The bunks are made from anodised aluminium and the slides are available  in PE or PU.        
PE - Polyethylene  is a very hard and slippery plastic and ideal for Plate Boats.       PU - Polyurethane is a soft yet still very slippery plastic and ideal for fibreglass hulls.
We are not without experience at Spitfire and we know too well that most of the time you will come home from a day out and have to reverse your rig into it's parking spot in the dark. 
For that reason we provide the Ultimate in tail lights. Every Ultimate model is equipped with twin, waterproof, LED tail Lights which both have powerful reversing lihghts as ell as down Lights.
What are down lights?  Down lights allow you to see the ground if you need to check your rig beside the road by shining a light down to the ground from both lights. 
In addition to this every Ultimate Trailer has a hinged number plate bracket to avoid number plate damage in crossing gutters or speed bumps.
Modular Personalisation.
We are all different and all operate in different conditions.
While a professional crabber of fisherman might be able to load his boat on the trailer in the dark with a 20 Knot cross wind and a tide running out at 10 knots... some of us are not so experienced... and expeieince is not the only factor in deciding what type of trailer you need for your area.
Many areas have a height difference in tide of 8 metres... many areas have shallow boat ramps and some steep.  Boaties have plate boats, fibreglass boats and every different owner may require or just want a different combination on their boat trailer.
For this reason the Ultimate Range has been designed in Modular form so that you can customise your trailer to your personal needs.
Build your own trailer.
You can customise your trailer to suit your boat, your enviornment and your experience.
4 Bunks... 6 bunks... add a Roller Ladder... or 8 Bunks... High Poles or low... even centring easy loader cross members.
In all and every case your Spitfire Ultimate Model will give you the ultimate protection on entry.
Spitfire bunks automatically adjust between 15 to 25 degrees to fit all hulls from a shallow lake boat or a Deep V offshore rig.
And in every case offer the Ultimate protection on loading.
The Ultimate range is now in production and will be available through Spitfire Distributors in May 2018. You can register your interst or place orders by contacting your Local Spitfire Distributor.
* Spitfire Trailers offer a national price and warranty service to all customers, however in some remote areas, the price may differ slightly due to transport cost.